New Country Dance Workout Appeals to Moms Nationwide

country heat music and dance

As fall begins in Canada, that means that soon enough, winter is quick to follow.  Most of us are getting out our fall gear to prepare for the cool months ahead and that often means letting go of our lighter diets from the summer. Fresh fruit, cold salads and sandwiches are being replaced with hearty filling “comfort food” like warm lasagne, potatoes and beef and macaroni and cheese.  While all of these things are good in moderation, the truth of the matter is that most people put on a lot of weight in winter because weight gain is less noticeable when you have sweaters and long jeans to cover up any excess weight gain.

As September passes on through October, weight gain becomes steady and by Christmas time, indulgence is at an all time high.  And then when we get ready to wear our party dresses for Christmas and New Years, we are shocked at how we can’t fit the clothes from last year.  Something has to change, and that is why Beachbody’s latest dance and cardio workout program called Country Heat has swept through Canadian homes as being one of the most fun exercise programs in recent years.  It is ideal for anyone who hates boring exercise like running on a treadmill or going to the gym and being in what seems like a mechanic cage or prison, sweating, and boring. Particularly, it’s a great program for those who love good old fashioned country music tunes!

By doing an exercise program that uses fun music and upbeat songs to get your body moving, you’ll be amazed at how many calories will shed off of your body. One popular fitness and health blogger Jeanie wrote a Country Heat review discussing all the seven workout videos included in the program. She discusses how the workout program not only includes cardio and fat burning workouts that are country music based but also includes a strength training and Dance “conditioning” routine to help tone your arms and muscles using light weights and resistance.  And of course, no exercise program is complete without a nutrition guide that follows a proven formula for weight loss. Country Heat follows a similar nutrition plan to the 21 day fix program that uses seven different containers that are color coded to help you learn about what makes a proper portion size of carbs and proteins.  You can eat plenty of vegetables and protein on this diet plan but must be careful to not indulge in too many carbohydrates which will turn to fat if you consume too many.  And you cannot expect to lose a lot of weight if you are cheating on the diet consistently and having a day of eating whatever you want.  You need to commit to three weeks of the program in order to see great results.  And considering here in Canada we love our CMT and country television, families are going wild for this program!

Remember that you are capable of exercise and pushing your body to complete the workouts.  But exercise alone won’t help you lose weight.  If you follow the nutrition plan and exercise program perfectly while doing Country heat, you’ll be able to battle the bulge and prevent weight gain through the winter months.