Getting Enough Fiber in February?

Well, it’s the first of the second month of 2017. And because of all the craziness in the news as of late, you might not be as committed to your weight loss resolutions that you set on the first of January! If you are still plugging away and doing a great job, I applaud you! But that isn’t the case for all. One of the most difficult parts of keeping on track isn’t finding a half hour to exercise. Rather, it’s about what you are putting in your mouth! I know many people who love eating healthily, but when you don’t have a lot of energy to prepare a delicious zucchini pasta masterpiece for dinner, it’s a heck of a lot easier to throw in a frozen pizza!

What Changes Can I Make in my Diet?

That is why I am deciding to dedicate February to FITNESS and Fiber!  The key to weight loss and eating healthy is to keep feeling full and energized all day long.  You need to start your day with energy and that comes from carbohydrates. fiber and whole wheat muffins

If you eat a small piece of fruit and have a coffee, you will be starving by lunch time.  And you are most likely to binge and make poor choices when you are with an empty stomach.  Instead, make some healthy fiber muffins packed with oats, nuts, seeds, pumpkin and other healthy fiber-rich ingredients! This will help keep your stomach full longer so when lunch time comes, you’ll be happy with your chicken salad.

If you don’t always have time to grab a bowl of cereal or oats before work, you should consider taking a supplement that provides you with extra fiber and will also help promote weight loss.  Last month we did a challenge in my household and took Skinny Fiber every day for 60 days to see if our appetites changed.  Luckily, they did and we were happy eating smaller portions of food at each meal.  Even my 16 year old son who normally goes for third plates at dinner was content after just one large dinner! Not only have we lost weight, but my grocery bill has decreased too! That is a bonus!

Not only does eating fiber help benefit your weight loss but it will make you feel less lethargic and tired throughout the day. If you aren’t getting the right kind of complex carbohydrates, your body might feel sluggish and fatigued because it isn’t being fueled with the right kind of energy.  Start taking your Skinny Fiber supplement, and switch from white rice, breads and pastas to multi-grain and whole-wheat.  The kids might complain at first but with enough time, they will get used to it and be healthier as a result!