We are a team of healthy and happy Canadians who want to share the word of ho to get in shape and how Canadians need to focus on their health in order to be the happiest they can be and live long and healthy lives. Sure, we have free health care but who wants to pass their days worried about the future and how long they will live. Wouldn’t you rather lead a long life that allows you to run and play with your kids or grandchildren and be able to enjoy our beautiful Canadian nature.

Canada has so many beautiful parks, mountains, rivers and lakes. Both summer sports and winter sports dominate our culture, so take advantage of these things to go out for long walks. Explore your city or countryside. Go for a jog in the park, take your dog for an extra long walk or go for a beautiful canoe ride down one of our many rivers.  There are so many ways to keep in shape by doing exercise that is fun and engaging without having to spend your days at the gym!